What is Krolewska ?

Krolewska is a Vodka from Poland which is grain based. Poland and Vodka are linked and the association probably goes as back as 8th century. It is believed that initially Vodka was used as a form of medicine. Krolewska is a very premium Vodka and it comes in a stained glass bottle which is tall and slender.
krolewska vodka

It is pronounced as Crow-Loo-Ska. Its said that first the grains are collected, from one of the cleanest areas in Poland, and it goes through multi-stage filtration before its poured in the bottles.
Vodka Krolewska was produced in the Polmos Distillery in Zielona Gora in 1994 for the first time.

Its 80 proof and high on ‘burn’. Its available in leading bars here.

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