Prakriti School, Noida – A quick visit

We got this invite for a ‘Story Telling Session’ at Prakriti School, Noida. It was on a saturday, we were in town, a FREE session, close to where I live, enough reasons to warrant a visit. I was impressed with what the place has to offer so thought that I would share some pics and my experience.


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It was a short visit and I did’t get to do a thorough recci but here are some pics and information.

As you get in, you see a small amphi-theatre kind of setup, pretty interesting. I do not remember seeing something like this in an pre/junior school. As you get in, you hit into reception which resembles more like a hotel reception than a school reception.

The reception area has a couple of activity toys for kids.

Then we went to the room where the ‘Story Telling’ event was to happen. Its a fairly large hall, can seat 50 people comfortably, about 25 feet X 40 feet, just a guess. The decor was kid-friendly and seating was on floor with cushions flaunting animals and other cartoon characters.

Right on the back of this hall is a elongated, long but small play-area. It has few rides, good enough for a batch of 15-20 students to be busy but very small, overall. Kids usually love to run so may be they would have planned a bigger patch for rides etc.

From the back rides area, you take a round turn and enter the building from the other side. Good decent open space. On both sides are two other rooms, named ‘Blue Room’ and ‘Green Room’. As you cross them, you are again in the aisle connecting the main reception and the ‘Story Telling Room’. There are two office spaces as well, one of them proudly displaying a MacBook 🙂

The loo looked good and they provide day boarding for non-Prakriti students as well. 5K a months, provides lunch and evening snack. Good deal. You can more info at their website – . I had a brief chat with someone who seemed to be as somebody running the school. I was told that they have opened in May 2011 only. They do have a lot of experience in running educational institutes and been running couple of schools, Bharti Public School (I think so), for last 30 years or so.

They do a lot of activity workshops around music, art, sculpting etc. I am sure you can find all the details at the website.

Back to story telling session. It was well attended. Here’s the mktg copy we got and it has details about the Author.

Vinita was very very impressive and parents seemed equally engrossed. If it happens again, I would recommend that you take your kids.

Then we had a session for parents which was useful and insightful. Young parents had lot of queries.

Vinita Krishna has written many books and it seems that she is part of ‘Khaas Kitab Foundation’. There were books there which one could buy. I looked around to find one, more so since I could get it autographed by the Author herself. Didn’t find a compelling enough. They were very good but seemed a better fit for younger kids.

My 6 year old had a good time. Hope above info is useful for some of you. Till then, observe and improvise.

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