Pisco from Peru or Pisco from Chile

Pisco which is pronounced as Pee-so has two owners viz. Peru and Chile. Both the countries claim this drink and its a ‘national’ alcoholic drink for both of them.

But anyway, who cares as long as you can have them. Its a little more viscous then Vodka and is of pale yellow color. Its pretty strong and the alcohol content is in the range of 30-50 %. Its distilled from grapes and has a very clear fruity taste. As the name, the story goes that in Peru, there is a kind of bird called ‘pisqu’ which is mostly seen. Since having this drink gives them high, it was named Pisco.

There is a Pisco drink and its not something very common here but if you manage to find it then its usually served as a concoction of egg while, sugar cane juice, lemon which are mixed and then stirred vigorously. You should probably have it quickly.

Popular brands are Biondi and La Botija from Peru and Pisco Control and Rute Morte from Chile. After Machu-Pichu, Peru is now on international travel circuit so if you go to Peru, have some of Pisco.

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