Software Test Automation – When not to do

If you are software test engineer like me then almost every one in your office would have at least told you once that we must do automation and more if we are already doing it. Most of these people would be from non-testing function and probably they dont know enough and hence their feedback on doing-automation or doing-more-automation makes lot of sense, these guys are not biased and must be genuinely interested in seeing more automation.

To most of them, you would have replied with a sort of sheepish smile (like the one you just did), or with a mono-syllable answer, mostly Yes, or may be few lines, incase its an executive who is asking/suggesting.

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Black Box Vis-a-vis White Box Testing

Black Box Vis-a-vis White Box Testing

Like most of the other developing streams of wisdom, testing also can boast of a long list of terminologies and a good hell of them makes no sense to out side world. There is no good way to really dissect various kinds of testing using a particular method because none of them is complete . One way which most of the practioners have sort of agreed upon is to divide them in two colors so as to put everything in Black and White and these are

– White Box Testing
– Black Box Testing

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