What is Baileys Irish Cream

I am sure most of you have had Baileys at one point or the other and some of you, like me, must have wondered on the name, esp the cream part and would have often tried to think for a while on the cream connection and would have often stopped thinking about it, more so after having a couple of servings. Well, if that sounds like deja-vu then read on. In this post, I would try to give you a simple dossier on this particular drink including the process, the history and everything else.

First, the name. Well, the alert readers would have noticed that there is no apostrophe and thats because there is no apostrophe in the trademark as well. Baileys was created in 1974 in Ireland by Andrew Bailey of the R. A. Bailey & Co. of Dublin, Ireland. As the name suggests it has Irish Whiskey and Irish Cream.

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