Some Software Testing Websites

So many times, I go out and try searching for some thing or the other and wonder that why I can’t find a good directory of websites which provide information on software testing. So this time, I did few searches and identified few of them and thought of sharing them with all. I have not done any extensive research so I would definitely be missing lot of them but I used Google and if you dont get listed on Google then you have it.

If you do want me to include some more then comment back and I will add it here. I could not find a better way to order them so I used Google’s Page Rank for the home pages of these websites.

Stickyminds looks like a new world website with a more professional look-n-feel. There are various sections including a discussion board. You can also submit your own stories on software testing and probably they will get featured on main page. All the information is organized by topics. There is a ‘Events’ section which has info on seminars etc. There is a news section and you can also subscribe to their news letter. All in all a better looking one.

Stickyminds has a Page Rank of 6 which is a good PR to have.
The nexdt in the list is TestingFaqs which is a warehouse of testing tools, from test case management to bug tracking. Again one of those old world ones. Page Rank is 6.
This is more of an old world blog site of a person. The good part is that since its by a practioner and hence is more trustworthy then a site from a testing organization which might have been done by professsional writers. Look-n-feel is text-ish.

Page Rank is 6 which is good.
This website is run by Rick Hower who gives consulting services in the field of software QA and QC. This looks like an old site and is essentially a large bank of testing questions. The UI is old world (text-is) and there is lot of text content. I didn’t see a forum or a chat board etc. Within FAQs I was able to see information which was as recent as May 2007 so this site is definitely getting updated. The usual links like conferences-seminar info, certifications info etc are also missing. Refer this site if you want to know about software testing theory.

It has a Page Rank of 5 which is not too decent but good.
SQAtester is more of a classified + general-info site. You would find information on various tools. There is not much information on software theory. A community link which opens to a Yahoo group.

SQAtester is at Page Rank 5 so thats good but not great.

After writing all this, I realize that there is such a big need for a dedicated, rich, new world, web 2.0 software testing site and I should start to think in that direction 🙂

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