Caspian Bar and Restaurant – Noida

Overall Rating – 3/5

We had lunch at Caspian Bar and Restaurant, a not so old chip in Sector 50 market in Noida. This market is gradually coming up to speed but its still looks and feels like old-world (pre mall area) shopping complex with blaring gen-sets, all kind of vehicles, cartons, congested alleys and so on.

Since its close to my place of work, we were there to celebrate a colleagues birth day. We were 11 of us. This place has two level, lower level being more of bar and the first floor as a family restaurant. I think the restaurant can house 40 odd people, not too many but not too less as well. The decor and interiors and not impressive but decent. The staff is polite but not polished, probably they would benefit from some hotel-training.

Some of us had beverages (alcoholic as well else) and the report was not too great. They have happy hours but no happy hours for cock-tails, which sort of takes the fun out of happy hours. The drinks are otherwise priced ok. 150 odd for a bloody-mary is not exciting but thats what the market price is these days. Indian beer bottle costs about the same.

Food is right priced but the potion size is small. It hits all the more since its served in this real deep containers which actually is a set of two containers , the top one being not too deep.

Service is ok. It still takes them quite a white to fetch that extra butter naan, probably kitchen is a little afar.

All in all, a not too bad place to go but nothing great to write home about.

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