Truely a home

I had earlier stayed with friends but stay at 437 was a whole lot different. The first thing I was really impressed was the way we maintained the place. In true sense it was a house and not a bachelor base camp. Initially every day had a new event like getting the motor fixed, getting the blinds/curtains, fixing the tube lights, getting the water tank installed in the garage, but it was a great experience.
The best thing between all 4 of us Nandan, Avinash, Ravi and me was that we had some kind of chemistry and that made 437 stay even more wonderful.

Avinash ——Ravi ——-Nandan

When I moved in (Although I initially helped in shifting but I moved in after 2months) the place was still loaded with landlord’s stuff, but eventually we arranged stuff and made the duplex apartment look better.
I still remember a protocol which all 4 of us used to follow:
We had a door bell, but if anybody among us would come home we would just tap on the latch to notify instead of ringing the bell. I don’t recall how it started but that was our protocol.

And then there was one of our friend another Rahul V who not even tapped the latch , he just used to whistle . how was it… wssssssp.

Oh & yes that’s me:

Thanks to Nandan, for getting the new look and feel and for the photo.

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  1. I dont know how the tap thing started but I like it to the hilt. Infact I still prefer to do that but most of the times I have to finally press the bell.

    You remember so many small things. Good.

  2. yes, i am the sssssssh whistle guy. still use it when i can 🙂

    my association to 437 is multi-fold. first an old friend from pune who worked at birlasoft introduced me to tewari. and to 437.
    met nandan and avinash too…
    i have spent countless evenings there. plan would firm at 8pm and i would be there at 8.30. armed for the evening 🙂
    despite me reaching home in the wee hours, all of us would be in office by 9-10am. what stamina we had 🙂

    among the memorable evenings, was avi’s bachelors. whoa! it was elaborately planned and the guest list was who’s-who of NCR. page 3 celebs, tv artists and singers…
    maneesh will have special comments on this particular do…

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