Cooking at 437 was fun. I learned my first cooking leasson at 437 and did lots of experiments. Most of the time I use to cut oninons and make tea but some-time use to make Dal and rice. No matter what masala I put the taste of the subzi remains the same :-).
Everyone had own style. There was one expert cook in the house and no doubt I think every one agrees it was Rahul.

–Manish (Motor chal rahi hai aur Pani aa raha hai)

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  1. Manish was a good learner and picked up things fast. Like from cutting onions and bringing roti and kheer from Upretis (on tuesdays) and parathas someother time, he graduated to making tea, dal and even subzi.
    But then there was Nandan who had time management in cooking and would set a deadline to eat food before even starting to cook it.
    (The Pani-wali arhar dal was a killer)

  2. Syal would actually claim that he knows how to make dal by looking at someone making dal once. He made is sound so simple that you would not blame him. 🙂

    Regarding the deadline, it was really funny and interesting. Imagine that its 8.40 PM and we have no plans on what we would cook, whether we have ingredients or not and so on. And then suddenly, I would jump and say that we will have the food ready at 9:03 PM. thats about 23 minutes and we need to cook for five people. Most of the times or almost all, 2-3 people would run to kitchen and come out at 9.02 after getting the food done. that included making salad or raita or papad. We beat the deadline almost always. 😉

  3. The toast of cooking at 437 must be the navratra tewari feast.
    i have been party to this party and wow! the spread would give sanjeev kapoor (khana-khazana) a run for money…
    not to mention, the party the evening/night navratra ended. almost all of the navratra evenings would be spent by tewari planning what he will do on the day this festival would get over… needless to say, he had many restaurant owners waitinggg for him to show up 😀

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