My new hair-cut and new look

I think my wife is right when she says that Pihu is a attention seeker like me. For last many many years, I try to change my look by sporting a new hair cut or a new beard cut. It may be difficult to believe but in 2000, for 3-4 days I used to shave just on one side of my face and that left a little stub on the other side, not strong enough to notice from a distance but if you are in a conversations with me then the beard on on of the sides were pretty conspicuous by its absence.

This is nothing big to feel about, I think people like me just try to flaunt too much. Probably we live with some complex which makes us do this minor crazy things.

My current look is a very clean and tidy military man look, though I am sure I fail in terms of muscle and brawn but here it is.

This is a self shot pic so haven’t come out well but you get the idea. Not long back, I had long hairs, long enough to tie. My saloon guys tells me that I am losing hair and I need to get careful, put more oil, do a steam etc. Very soon I would be on the wrong side of thirties and time to get into action.

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