Admissions for Nursery in Noida is now on

Pihu is now 3+ so we join the game of trying our luck and use our skill in getting her admitted in a good school. We just had the counseling at her pre-school and we were told that we must apply in at least 7-10 schools.

While me and my better half are into this, I thought I would try to capture my experience and any information which I gather so that it might be useful for other people in the boat and may be for future aspirants.

I would try to update this blog post every now and then, so that there is a single post on this subject. If you visit this and have things to add then I encourage you to comment and I would add that info in main post.

Lets go school wise.

1. DPS, Noida
Website –

Click on ‘Admissions’ and then proceed.

You can apply only online so no alternate methods. Available From 1st Sep – 7 Sep. After that shortlisted candidate would be called for assessment from 10th – 16th Sep.

It seems that they dont accept applications from Indirapuram residents because there is a DPS in Indirapuram as well. Children residing with-in 8 KM radius would be accepted and age should be between 3 and 4 as on 30th Sep’2008.

2. Amity International School

link –

Fill the form online, pay Rs 300 through credit-card and you would get an invitation for ‘first interaction’. We have been asked to be there on Sep 8th.

3. Lotus Valley School

Forms are out. Link is –

Unlike Amity and DPS, you can’t fill the form online. So take a print and submit it in school. I didn’t see any end dates on the website.

4. Greater Valley School.

Its in greater noida but me and my wife were very very impressed by their Principal, Sangita Chima, who was there in the counselling session at Pihu’s pre-school. So we would probably try this school. If we shift to Gr Noida, this admission would come handy.

link –

Its run by the same organization which runs the famous ‘Vasant Valley School’. I also think that a women principal is a better principal then a man principal :).

5. Somerville School, Noida
Forms were out on Sep 4 and there was this 10 KM line. We skipped that yesterday, today it was like a breeze. They only accept candidates from Noida and form is free. Once I fill the form, I would update on what happens next.

I would add more as I learn more. If you have any queries, then dont hesitate to ask, I would try to find an appropriate answer.

6 Replies to “Admissions for Nursery in Noida is now on”

  1. Hi Nandan,

    Its nice! Thanks for first timers like me who are not very well aware about noida schools and their admission process. I want to ask a question to you. What would you rate Somerville on the scale of 1-10? If you know about the school, please tel what the good and not so good points about it.. Thanks

  2. Tina – I would rate Somerville among top ten schools of Noida. On a scale of 1-10, it should be 7ish.

    I do not have lot of exposure on Somerville's details but one of my friend's wards are studying there and he seemed very satisfied. He was happy to find that its a no frills school.

    Personally I found that Somerville has lot of ground to cover in terms of Infrastructure.

  3. Thanks Nandan. Coincidently my daughter's nick-name is also pihu. Your daughter is going to Apeejay. Are you satisfied with the school and the way they groom very small children? Can you please again share the good and not so good points about apeejay according to your personal experience?

  4. What co-incidence 🙂

    APJ is not too great in terms of Infrastructure and Back-office systems. I have visited the school few times (Parent Teacher meeting, depositing school fee etc) and their back-office staff (account etc) is definitely not geared up for the new world. I was pretty surprised to see Windows 98 being used on the PCs 🙂 (while its ok to have Win 98 as long it works for you but that too was not working as well). The rides/swings/etc are broken, ill maintained lawns and so on.

    I know i have been writing bad things only but probably I am not fully exposed to good things. There is not a great attempt from the teacher to guide/share/give info , for example her diary is still to see any ink, and its been few months.

    So I am pretty so-so about APJ.

  5. Hi Nandan,

    Thanks for sharing this post. We the first timers are quite confused when it comes to our little ones. After this article I just wanted to know, what did they ask in first interaction (Amity International)?


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