An evening with Debojit Dutta, the singer

I would let do the video do most of the talking but writing some text to give you a little context. Debojit was at Noida to perform for a event at ‘Great India Place’ mall. Yashita and Pratibha were also there but I spent more time with Debojit.

Debo is 23 year young lad from Kolkata and at times he sings like god. There have been at least two performances where all the ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ judges came running on the stage after he finished. A little less worldly-smart, the son of scientists parents, Deb is now participating in the now iconic show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009’ which airs on Zee TV every friday and staurday at 10.00 PM.

After having a sumptuous dinner at Rajdhani, the famous Thali joint of Mumbai, at GIP, I had a little chat with him, while we were waiting for some of the other folks, here are some bytes. There is lot of background noise and I have further down-sampled the video to make it light enough for quick loading, so please raise the volume up.

This is what the reporter looks like in his new moustache look, these days.

And one more video to wind-up.

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