Test 2008 – Testing Conference

“Test 2008” is the first testing conference organized by ‘Pure Conferences’. I happen to know the people behind this and these are the same folks who run ‘Pure Testing’, a testing consulting company, so when I got the invite for being there, I was not surprised.

Vipul, founder of Pure Testing, worked with me earlier at Adobe and while I still continue to test more software out here, he has moved on to pursue his dream of making the world better at doing ‘Software Testing’. After reading the invite and the envious list of speakers, I could not stop myself from writing this small post on the conference.

Test 2008 would be held on Oct 15-16 2008 in Delhi and the theme for the first conference is ‘Agility in Testing’. Speakers from around 10 countries, such as USA, UK, France, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, including India will deliver keynotes, tutorials and papers during the conference. Apart from this, the organizers are also trying to make Test2008 a ‘green’ conference as far as possible.

One can register at the website – www.test2008.in – and the registration charge is Rs 5999. You get a 10% discount if you are a ISTQB certified tester. Additionally, if you go as a group then you get further discounts. The website has all the details.

The venue for the conference is a little unique since it would be at ‘Gandhi Darshan Complex’, located next to Rajghat (New Delhi) which is the National Memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. Typically these conferences are held at hotels or large conference halls. May be the organizers are trying to give it a more academic look or may be its just a case of spending money at the right things viz. Speakers.

Since its the first one, I have no experience to make a more informed recommendation but knowing Vipul, I can imagine that it would be a good valuable thing to go to. I would try to be there and write a trip-report here.

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