Posting in Hindi on Word Press

Its been a while I had this travel blog site called and for some reason or the other, I was not able to post a story in Hindi. I looked around but found no help. While hunting around, I could see numerous blogs in Hindi and a lot of them were on Word Press and that made the life more difficult. I asked around and somehow it worked for everyone except me.

Then one day, after a ghumakkar asked me this question again, I hunted again and could finally fix the issue. I found the answer here. So I thought that I would probably write a small post detailing the solution since the above forum post can be a little cryptic.

Problem – I am able to get Hindi Text and when I paste it in Word Press Post, it appears fine, but when I save the post it becomes ‘?????’.

Solution – The relevant property of the SQL fields which decide the encoding for the post body doesn’t have the right ‘collation’ property.

Solution in Detail
If your problem is exactly what I have described about then you can do following. This actually means tinkering with your Word Press database so I would advise against getting adventurous.

Do Following.
1. Find a tool which gives access to your database. In my case its phpMyadmin since I am on

2. Once you are inside phpMyadmin, click on the relevant database of the wordpress installation. If you have just one site and only one WP then just choose the one which you see. The typical name in the default installation is something like ‘_wrdp1’.

3. Once you click the database, you would see a list of tables.

4. One by one, Choose the following tables
– wp_option
– wp_comments
– wp_posts

and click ‘Edit’.

In Editing mode change “Collation” setting to “utf8_unicode_ci” of following
1. in wp_option -> option_value
2. in wp_comments -> comment_content
3. in wp_posts -> post_content and post_title

Hope this works for you. Happy Blogging.

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