Resume Tips in Bad times

The economy is so uncertain that we dont know whether it has bottomed-out or it can go further down. While in US, folks are looking up to Obama to inject 1 Trillion USD in the right place, read software, back here in India, we had the biggest IT scam. Satyam Software, part of Fab Four of The Great Indian Software Story, has bungled. The last I read was that the new CEO, Ram, is fearing that they might not have enough cash for the 50K workforce. With so many RIF (Reduction in Workforce) across the globe, I came across this great article by Joel, which might be useful for fellow readers at Valify. (Cute little name for Validate and Verify)

Another resume tip – By Joel Spolsky
Are you a software developer applying to a small company?

Here’s a tip from someone who has read thousands of resumes. When you’re applying to a startup, or a software company with less than, say, 100 employees, you may want to highlight the Banging Out Code parts of your experience, while deemphasizing the Middle Management parts of your experience.

When a startup CTO sees a resume that says things like:

* Responsible for $30m line of business
* Architected new ERP platform
* Managed team of 25 developers
* Optimized business processes

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