Moets, Defence Colony, Delhi – Review

Couple of weeks back I was at Moets, Defence Colony and I thought that I would write a small note on what we experienced there. Moets is one of those old, very popular hang-out zones which are still doing very good in terms of overall business. On any evening, though its not very hard to find a place but usually the place is full.

We were a large group and we did a long lunch there at the basement of main Moets, which serves Mughlai line of food along with drinks. There is another Moet, just across the road, called ‘Moet Sizzlers’. Most of us had a drink there, all sorts, some snacks and the regular lunch.

Location – Very well located, in a plush neighborhood market. Well connected since it can be access from the ring road. The address is “50, Main Market, Defence Colony, Delhi”

Decor – We were in the basement. Different kind of furniture and decor. They have tried to put together an ensemble of wooden top tables, chairs, thrown in a couple of sofas and a tall chair. With dim lights, it might appear from dingy-to-very cosy depending upon the weather and your taste. Its clean but cramped.

Service – Pretty nice. Not spectacular but good.

Food – Very good overall. An interesting item there is called “Bhunay hua phaloon ki chaat” (Chaat of fried fruits) and that is so hot that even the strong hearted had to scurry for water. Not a well done thing.

Drinks – Good. Since it was a lunch, we didn’t try too many concoctions. I had a JD cocktail which had lot of sauce and ended up tasting very sweety-tangy but I would not blame the bartender too much for this. The prices were not very encouraging, more so since there is no happy hour.

Price – High. There was no happy hours and for the kind of food, service, decor, overall ambience, the price did seem to be on right side. Its definitely not a value for money joint. I am more critical on price since we were having the typical Mughlai food which any mom can cook in this city. It was not really any special food which needed special ingredients or skills.

Overall, not a highly recommended place. Also this review is just for the Mughlai section and not the curry-leaf (or something like that) and Sizzlers.

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