Truely a home

I had earlier stayed with friends but stay at 437 was a whole lot different. The first thing I was really impressed was the way we maintained the place. In true sense it was a house and not a bachelor base camp. Initially every day had a new event like getting the motor fixed, getting the blinds/curtains, fixing the tube lights, getting the water tank installed in the garage, but it was a great experience.
The best thing between all 4 of us Nandan, Avinash, Ravi and me was that we had some kind of chemistry and that made 437 stay even more wonderful.

Avinash ——Ravi ——-Nandan

When I moved in (Although I initially helped in shifting but I moved in after 2months) the place was still loaded with landlord’s stuff, but eventually we arranged stuff and made the duplex apartment look better.
I still remember a protocol which all 4 of us used to follow:
We had a door bell, but if anybody among us would come home we would just tap on the latch to notify instead of ringing the bell. I don’t recall how it started but that was our protocol.

And then there was one of our friend another Rahul V who not even tapped the latch , he just used to whistle . how was it… wssssssp.

Oh & yes that’s me:

Thanks to Nandan, for getting the new look and feel and for the photo.

Chaar Teen Ka Saat

This was the first time I actually stayed with other people then may family. After my parents moved to Patna, I used to stay all my myself in a nondescript locality in East Delhi. The trigger to staying with flat-mates, as its popularly called in this part of world, was my movement to another city called ‘Chandigarh’.I didn’t stay there for long and when I was back, it made lot of sense to me to stay with friends.

So after spending one month at Avinash’s place at Malviya Nagar, we hunted this place. It was coming out expensive since there were only two bread-earners when we moved here but it was all worth it. For the first time, we were staying in a duplex, it was very spacious (though very dated) and very well located.

I am adding a photo showing 3 of the residents. We hope to get some guest posts from folks who have been here and had a good time.

I think I have a pic which has four of us, probably we shot that outside of IMA in doon.

I plan to update it more frequently.