A Software Tester needs to be a noble man

Even though this industry is looked at by other folks as being infested by geeks and people who prefer to keep long hairs and not worry about being too tidy, who only drink black coffee, are at odds on social gathering and speak in C or Java rather then roman or french, the truth is that this industry indeed has lots of noble men.This is what you would be thinking, if you are a developer.

“………………..Wow. thats like real ego massage. A software tester claiming, or is proclaiming a better word, to be noble. What else could a man do ?. Especially when he is not writing code, or a better way to say would be ‘when he has not written a piece of code ever’………………..”

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No one wants to write a buggy Code

Software testing is gradually coming off age and with every new day everyone is starting to realize the importance of having a dedicated testing effort for any software project. In a company like Adobe where I manage small to medium sized test teams, there is now a much greater focus towards testing. Most of the times we have a 1:1 ratio between developer and testers which is very good but still as the project starts to wind and testing team has to test almost all the s/w every day, it starts to get tight and amid this one big question which every tester keeps asking is that

“why the hell developers can’t write a new piece of code without bugs”

which in itself is a very un-reasonable query but a more reasonable one is

“when a developer fixes a bug, why can’t he ensure that there is no side effect.”

Why ? why and more whys ??

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Die Hard 4.0 and Software Testing

Some days back I went to watch Die Hard 4.0, please notice that its 4.0 and not 4. The movie is about our old cop Bruce and the bad boys who want to destroy the world, in this case they were more interested to demo or show a POC (Proof Of Concept) that given the right funding they can save the world from destruction. They actually did some destruction to drive home the point that destruction is possible.

The movie moves very smoothly with few people getting killed every now and then. Special effects are awesome and good wins over bad, albeit the good (in this case our very own Bruce) also wins over a F16 bomber, in-numerable bullets, n kill attempts, speeding oncoming cars and what not. Continue reading “Die Hard 4.0 and Software Testing”

Did Himesh always look like this ?

Did Himesh always look like this ?

Strange thought. I am now used to of finding Himesh in his traditional stuff and a cap, always and I often used to wonder that when this guy gets his cap off, probably never.

So I thought more and my common sense, whatever of it is left after all these years of testing all kinds of code (you can read some of my software testing tips at http://test-software.blogspot.com), tells me that there must be a time when this middle class born Gujarati would not have spotted a head-gear.

So I hunted and found what, well the old Himesh look. Look at some of these pictures and you would get a good break from the monotony of this current look.

Just this and I actually wanted to write this as a post, well I thought why not. He is riding really really high and with every new day I am growing a liking for his songs, my two year old daughter Pihu now recognizes him, probably I taught her that as part of ever-educating-juvenile-dad, and also knows that he is the guy behind songs like ‘ek baar aaja aaja aaja aaja aaaa jaaa’ and ‘a aa ashiqui mein teri’. He has been around long enough to carve a world for him, infact he directed music as back as 1988 (Bandhan) but was hit only by 1998 with Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya. He did few TV sops as well for Zee and our motherly channel DD. So its not an overnight or couple of years of hit movies to get where he is now. Enough of my justification for liking him.

Coming back to my daughter, I really wonder whether she would be able to recognize him w/o his head-gear. Enough Himesh, go get a shaver, you look much kewl-er and neat without this.

Bitten by a air ticket reservation bug

I like to travel (Read my travel blogs at www.ghumakkar.com) and mostly I am not alone, infact never. I travel to near-by places which means driving and a little far-away places as well which makes me to buy tickets and to encounter air-ticket reservation systems.

Last week, I got bitten very badly by a bug which was sitting in Air Deccan’s Ticket Reservation System. Before I start the story and give you details (including the PNR nos) I would like to first thank Captain for making air travel possible for common man. Frankly, all my leisure trips have been on budget airlines whether its Air Deccan or Spicejet or someone else. Had Captain not started it, we would still be travelling by train or not travelling at all. Continue reading “Bitten by a air ticket reservation bug”