Am I old enough to leave active testing ?

Am I old enough to leave active testing ?
After spending last 10 odd years, testing software for a living, I asked this question to myself:
“Am I old enough to leave active testing ? ” and after a brief moment of indecisive Mr. schizophrenic thought, I told myself that the answer is an emphatic No.

Top 5 reasons to not leave testing
No 1. Testing is still an exciting work more so when you have to go for the details. The much needed involvement is killing and monotonous and gets frustratingly slow and sorts of puts you to the end of your life, only to you a real high in the end, abrubt at time so as to have a grand finale. In this world, one thing you better need all the time is the feeling of being existent. Once you come out from the deep search say isolating a defect, you sort of come out as a victor. The achievement is simply too high to propell you to more such journeys.

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Jhaji ka Jham

After my attempts at making blog successful in companies like Newgen and Legato, I realized that its the ones like google who understand it better. It must have been the same time when blog was getting popular and some of us were trying to figure out how to make an internal mail system work at Newgen. 🙂 . Poor souls !!

This is my first blog at blogger and i really dont know that once i save this how its gonna be accessed by my folks so i am not gonna write much.

can’t stop

its been a dusty week so far with sand storms, squalls, rains, dust smudged car wind screens and broken window glass panes. its a time when you stop liking summer any more, and its also a time when you start hating yourself. its like trying to evaulate your worth and then realizing that its not worth it, not you but the act of evaluation. its a different matter that your manager would do this and based on what he thinks, will award you few more bills.

I am feeling pretty worthless especially when one of my office colleagues did a presentation on photography and after seeing the equipments he has and what he has captured, i have started feelling like what-the-hell-i-have-done-so-far which i can brag and may be blog.

with amitabh singing in the background on the radio which rahul tewari got for me :Meray paas aao meray doston…: I guess, i should close. hopefully i will be regular and would get some readers. 🙂

write back, if you know me !!!