Getting Ready – For the big day !!

Ever wondered how does one feel when one is going to get a new member in the family. Imagine getting a new live creature with you all the time, all the while, someone who will show you what growing old means, right from day 0. Someone who will teach you what it takes to hand-hold someone to walk. Someone who will let you know that how hard your parents worked to make you good enough to blog. 🙂

The due date is coming closer, a little over a week, i.e. 6/10. Theortically it can happen any day, just about any day. My last visit to doc was normal. The next visit would be this saturday (6/4). Well, well and well.

This is blog no 2 and I promised to be regular but believe me there was not enough motivation and no reminder-system 🙂 which could send an e-mail which I can flag as a ‘Follow-Up task’ so that I can finish it. My work life is now revolved around flagging mails in Microsoft Outlook so that they can be tracked. Amit Singh taught me this. I thank him but believe me, its a pain working on Outlook the whole day and then sometimes in evenings and some more times in the weekend. Guess I should either get a different PC for working on e-mails which can be kept in some other mails, not in office, so as to not get distracted. I will try to shutdown my e-mail program every 1 hour for 30 minutes. May be I can write a program which automatically does this and may be a reminder in Outlook itself.

What else, waiting for Avinash, Preeti, Ravi and the little kid, have invited them for dinner, Want to know the real reason, well, My mom been around for Smita (going to be mom) and she somehow has always thought that baby will come out by 5/25 🙂 and hence she is getting a little impatient. And Avinash happens to be an old friend with whom mom would be more comfortable, at least she will get an avenue to express things different from the going-to-be-mom talks. 🙂

Well, he is here so better to get it go !! Catch you all later.

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