Pihu Arrives !!

I wrote this on 21 June————————–
Its been a little over 10 days now. If you think blogs are really instant then I guess I am really really slow.

I write this today i.e. 2 Nov
I guess I know whats the future is going to be. I was very true when i wrote above about 4.5 months back. I logged in again today to tell myself that I better write something on whats been happening around. So I am posting this particular one and would write a new one. Incase you dont know whats over 10 days on 21st June, its the arrival of my daughter, Pihu, on mother planet as an independent human being. For last 9 months (prior to 10 June) she was in the womb :), and you tell me that my sense of humor is no more cutting. its bleeding instead.

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