Screwdriver and driverscrewer

One of the very popular Vodka cocktails is called ‘Screwdriver’. The name sounds so much of non-russian though the cocktail involves Vodka. To me, it would have been more apt to have some Australian drink be called ‘Screwdriver’, especially after watching those ‘Australian for Fosters’ advertisements. Probably the only other cocktail which would come close to the popularity of Screwdriver is ‘Bloody Mary’. I would rather say that Screwdriver is much more available then other cocktails because it may not be very popular among bar-goers. Screwdriver is actually a healthy concoction of alcohol since it has lots of Orange Juice.

So enough of beating around the name. Lets find out the reason behind such a name. I searched on internet and the only thing which I could find was that ‘American Oil Workers’ in Iran used to utilize the ‘Screwdriver’ to mix Orange juice in their vodkas. The first reference of the word has been documented in ‘Time’ magazine in 1949.
Screwdriver and driverscrewer

Its probably the simplest of Vodka Cocktails. You need just four things viz.
– Vodka
– Orange Juice
– Lemon
– Salt

and of course, lots of ice.

Put some ice in a highball glass. Put 1 part of Vodka and 2 parts of Orange Juice. This could vary depending upon the juice (tanginess, taste etc) and the Vodka (flavoried, aromatic, neutral). So usually the ratio is 1:2. Stir/Shake. Put a dash of salt and then pour over ice in another highball glass. Some people prefer 3 parts of Juice with 1 part of Vodka.

If you reverse the ratio then it becomes ‘Drivescrewer’, for obvious reasons. Its a morning drink and are best taken with late heavy breakfast/brunch.

Since we are on it, I would briefly mention about some of the variations. If you take this with Tang instead of Orange Juice then its called ‘fuzzy cosmonaut’. You can also use a soda-pop like ‘fanta’, usually a orange soft drink, its called ‘Hi Fi’ then.

What else, well drink responsibly and have two tall glasses of this cock-tail on your next sunday brunch. Enjoy !!

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