The Tea Shop, Sector – 37, Noida

Its been a while I have been wanting to write a small note on a very special shop in Noida which serves different kinds of Tea. So here it is. I stayed in Sector 37 from 2000 – 2003, almost 4 full eventful years i.e. from beginning of 2003 to end of September 2003. Moved to my own house in October 2003, got married on Oct 4, the same year. This was the first time I actually stayed in Noida. Was working with Quark, Chandigarh, when I decided to move back to Delhi and picked a job with ‘Legato Systems’ (now called EMC software).

Anyway, so while we were there, there was this small shop in a garage, just on the other side of ‘Lal Market’ which used to have quite a big collection of Tea viz. Darjeeling Tea, Black Tea, Ginger Cold Tea, Ice Tea and so on. Since it was not really a hotel/restaurant there was no seating arrangement so people used to hang around the place using stools or muda-s (thats like a round roped contraption, soft). It used to be a place for young college goers or old school boy-n-a-girl kind of place.

Recently this place has shifted to a market place in Sector 37 itself. There is this dilapidated place at the end of the sector and its called gulmohar or some other flower named market which has a Indane Gas Agency and nothing else. Its on the back side of ‘Army Public School, Sector – 37’. Just ask around for the market behind APS and someone would help you to find it.

I still see the same gentle man behind the small counter where you order. In its old avatar, the lady who owns the place used to be at the shop in the evening herself but I dont see her any more. There are about 15 odd choices for drinks ranging from Ice Tea to Hot Tea to some cool options. You can also get a bite of sandwiches, momos etc. Next time I visit there I would try to get a snap-shot of menu and would paste it here. Its worth a visit for sure. Go in evening but before it starts to get dark since its not a very busy market and can get a little lonely.

And here’s the bonus pic for reading this far. There is a halwai shop just round the corner so while you tea is brewed enjoy a Samosa, they are really good. Incidentally , this Halwai had a shop in a close-by garage when the ‘Tea Shop’ was near ‘Lal Market’ :), I think its called ‘Ram lal’ ke samose, does any one from 437 gang remember this ?

enjoy and if you make then do share your views.

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