Pearl’s Regency, Noida – Bar Review

Sector 29 in Noida is one of those old sectors which are struggling to keep that charm intact. Sector 29 has a mall road, has STP (Software Technology Park), two decent size market complexes viz. ‘Ganga Shopping Complex’ and ‘Brahamputra Shopping Complex’ and other small markets, an Hospital (Bhardwaj Hospital) and would also host a station for ‘Delhi Metro’. The eating joints are all old and popular.

In this post, I would talk about ‘Pearl’s Regency’ which is a resto-bar and is located in ‘Ganga Shopping Complex’ in Sector-29. Pearl’s has two restaurants and a bar. Bar is really small and even though they have tried to make it more trendy and new world, I still prefer to have my drink either at their main restaurant which serves Indian Mughlai food or at ‘Chinastix’ which serves oriental food. Since this place is for piyakkars (Drink’ers) I would focus on alcohol.

They have a ok collection of wines and you would get most of the popular brands there. I haven’t had much of cock-tails there but somehow I doubt that whether its one of the better places to have cock-tails, rather I would suggest that you go with plain spirits. Staff is polite and service is very fast. Interior is little darkish but not too dark. Seating is on sofas but they are not really lounge sofas but probably the standard home sofas. In the evening they also have a live music program where one can make request for a particular number.

Mughlai Food is very good. They do not have too many choices but ‘Tandoori Chicken’ tastes good. I can’t comment for their oriental cuisine though.

Now comes the expense part. A bottle of Fosters costs Rs 165 which is not too high , esp in happy hours when you get a 40 % discount. Happy hours are all day till 8 PM. A small peg of a good whisky like ‘Teachers’ would set you down by Rs 120 which is also not too expensive. A vanilla cocktail like ‘Screwdriver’ costs Rs 160 where as a ‘Pina Colada’ goes as high as Rs 195. And you get happy hours on everything, including Alcohol. So price is really really attractive.

What else, Well here are some contact nos. 0120 2450061-63. They give corporate discounts, 10% to 15%. You would need to carry a visiting card though.

All in all, a place worth trying.

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  1. I visited this place yesterday and had ‘bloody mary’. It was pretty ice. At Rs 180 with 40 % it worked out well.

    My friend had Planter’s peach and he seemed satisfied. I think its a great value for money place.

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