Aaj Pehlee tarikh hai

The charm of Pehlee Tarikh is gradually disappearing for me since I get my pay check on last day of a month. Also the money goes to bank and even though the e-mail alert from my bank is a pleasant mail to look at, the old world charm is sort of gone.

One of an old friend reminded me of this im-mortal song by Kishore, the number is called ‘Din Hai Suhaana, Aaj Pehli Tarikh Hai’. And here a link of a site where you can listen this.


I used to get cheque in my first company, that was in 1996. It was a small company being run out of a garage of a large bunglow in ‘New Friends Colony’. Even though from my second job (which was at Newgen Software) the money used to go to Bank but it was always in first week so there used to be a little buzz around this. I think some part of it is also to do with the fact that back then the monthly salary was much more critical for minor day-to-day grocery expenses, now that sort of affects less.

Anyway, enjoy the song and let me know what you feel.

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