What is Tequila ?

Its the name of a town, its also a kind of drink. Is there a connection between the two, well there is. And the connection is ‘Blue Agave’. ‘Blue Agave’ is a plant whose juice is used to make drinks. Tequila is one such drink. The other important thing to note is that this town is in Mexico and till date Tequila is only brewed in Mexico. The usual alcohol content is about 40 % but you can find one which has as much as 46% alcohol.

Blue Agave

As per Wikipedia, It was first produced in the 16th century near the location of the city of Tequila, which was not officially established until 1656. The Aztec people had previously made a fermented beverage from the agave plant, which they called octli (later, and more popularly called pulque), long before the Spanish arrived in 1521. When the Spanish conquistadors ran out of their own brandy, they began to distill this agave drink to produce North America’s first indigenous distilled spirit. Tequila town is situated in Jalisco which is about 65 Km northwest of Guadalajara.

Its used extensively in cock-tails and who has not heard about Margarita. But the more popular way is to have it with a dash of salt and a slice of lime straight up.

Jose Cuervo Platino Tequila

Some of the popular Tequila brands are Jose Cuervo and Camino, these are available locally in better wine shops.

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