The Asia Kitchen – Noida – Review

There was a time when everything would happen at Sector – 18, whether thats shopping, eating out or movies. Then over time, we had more malls and more development. I still remember that 10 years back, sector 62 used to appear so far. Over time the other side of NTPC has seen lot of growth with the mushrooming call centers and software development centers but one thing which was greatly lacking was good dining options. Shoprix Mall in Sector 61 has a food-court and there is this quickie joint called ‘Pulse’ but nothing impressive so when we heard about ‘The Asia Kitchen’ in Sector 63, we were pretty sure to check it out.

We went in a large office group. Its located on the road which connects Model Town Chowki (on NH24) to NTPC, sector 62 is on one side and 63 on the other. Close by milestone is Hospital Fortis.

The place is spread over two floors, basement and ground floor. I may have failed to notice it but may be there is first floor too. We went to basement. There is a private room which can host 16 people and then there is this rest of area which can host 40-45 people.

Ambiance is pleasing, well lit without being too bold and nice and clean setup. There are sofas and chairs as seating and the table is a little high so a more formal, fine-dining kind of place.

Food is nice, good preparation. I had Thai Chicken with green curry and that was nice. We had lots of starters and overall food was well praised.

Service is prompt and good. May be there weren’t enough people on that day but we found that they have put at least 3 people to serve us, a group of 8.

Variety – This is one area where they greatly lack, there are hardly many choices, esp for vegetarians. I think they would need to work on this since no one goes to a restaurant to have Dal Makhani and Aaloo Jeera. For Non-Veg as well there are not too many choices. They claim to server Indian, Thai and Chinese but frankly I could not find more then a couple of Thai dishes.

Price – Its a bit pricey. Not too expensive but can hurt so watch out while you order.

Alcohol – They do not have permit so no alochol. Mock-tails were pretty ordinary.

So Overall here’s my report card
Ambiance – 5/5 (not extraordinary but clean, appropriately lit, fresh, spacious setup)
Food – 4/5
Variety – 2.5/5
Service – 4.5/5

Since there are not too many great new options in Noida so if you have exhausted the usual list then you must try this place.

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