Amity Noida – A primer on Nursery Admissions

Amity is not very old and for a long time it was perceived as a rich man’s school but over time that has been changing. Right now its considered as one of the better schools and probably a infrastructure which very few can challenge.

Location of School – Sec 44. This is almost on the South-West corner of Noida. Very apt for Sec 37, 28,29, 39,44, 41 etc. Also good for Sarita Vihar and Greater noida since its right on express-way.

Age – Born between 1st April 2005 – 31st March 2006 (This is for admission seekers in 2008)

Location Criteria – They only allow Noida and Gr. Noida since there is a Amity in Vasundhara (for Vaishali, Vasundhara and Indirapuram residents) and one in Mayoor Vihar.

Dates – For this year, the last date for submitting online was Sep 7 2008.


Admission Process

1. Round 1

Round 1 has two parts. They call all the parents and kids for interaction. For parents there is a 11 page extensive question paper. Its very time-consuming and you would need to really focus and work hard.

If I remember correctly then there were five sections.
1. There are about 5-6 questions around school/office details for parents and grand-parents, annual income, whether the children has any visual/hearing or other disability etc. The other questions were

– Why you think your child is ready for school
– Whats your expectations from Amity
– Why Amity
– Describe your child.

2. Part two questions
– How do you bridge work/home gap ?
– something around communication. Why its important and how do you encourage your kid to communicate ?
– how do you tackle a restless child.
– how to ensure that your child is not aggressive and impatient
– how do you handle ‘defiance’
– What skills are needed to make your kid good during his/her nursery class
– what are your child’s expectation from you
– Something around setting high-standard and whether thats good or bad
– how do you handle morning scene where you had to say bye to your child

3. Part 3 questions
– If your child misses school bus
– homework not done
– bully in bus
– loses his bag or tiffin-box
– scolding
– Are dads different than moms
– if kid gets his friend’s stuff (by mistake)

4. It was a short section and I think it had 4-5 questions. One was subjective and rest were objective/multiple-choice

5. This section was also mostly tick mark kinds
– a truth/myth section where there were thins which you had to mark either as ‘Truth’ or as ‘Myth’. Some examples are ‘working mothers are not good’, ‘children should be given enough money’ and all that.

As for the the kid.

They take the kid to a different room and they are asked to color and probably a poem. Whenever I asked my daughter on what she was asked, she very intelligently distracts me. I have a guess that she didn’t like whatever she was asked there. She is otherwise a very cheerful and talk-loving girl.

The results would be out on Sep 18 on the website.

Amity results are out.

My kid made it, All the best.

2nd Round details
It happened today morning. Very well managed. We were met by two very senior people. My kid was taken to a table nearby where I think they asked her that , what do you call a dog’s kid, and some other things.

Most of the conversation happened with my spouse. They asked her the name of the principal of her school (probably they knew the principal). Both of us work so they asked on how do we manage time. Since my spouse is with Media, they asked here that how watching too much of cartoons affect a child. Pretty in-formal and relaxed.

One of my friend was also there and as his husband did some analysis on the number of kid’s who were called for Round 2 and the availability of seats. It seems that they called 900 odd people and they have 650 odd seats so assuming that there is a lot of overlap and some people might choose other schools (like DPS Noida), the chances of us making in are more.

The results would be out on Sep’24, two more days of anxiety.

Update on 27th Sep
Sorry, we flunked. Now when we reverse-engineer the whole thing, I think being a nuclear-family + both-working thing worked against us. Anyway, no worries. We are still trying to influence upon our way since its a good school.

I would try to write a post on ‘how to crack this thing’ later. So far I have been to Somerville, Cambridge, ApeeJay, Indus Valley and Vishwa Bharti. Tomorrow it would be Khaitan and then we go to “Father Agnel” and “Ryan” in 2nd week of October.

5 Replies to “Amity Noida – A primer on Nursery Admissions”

  1. Amity and here's my theory.

    Amity is serious about making money so they would ensure (and probably are) that they put the right team and professional management to run the institute so that customers (students / parents) are a happy lot.

    Times are changing, these days we need more of holistic education, with all around focus on academia, sports, extra curricular etc and I think that (some Amity ward parent chip-in please) Amity is ahead of APJ in terms of infrastructure and thought process.

  2. Thank you for writing down the way you have.

    All of it is still very relevant and I’m reading this in 2019.
    Things really have not changed so much.

    I’ve been through the first round ; and there was a quite lengthy questionnaire for parents. They specifically asked to come w/o kid.

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