It was a hard day’s night and I was working…..

A indeed hard day’s night for all to celebrate. Some of us were seen last stepping out from the local Chinese bar-restaurant (every time I go there I promise myself that I am not going to visit that place again) at mid-night.

I am getting that feeling which you get when you reach your destination on a really long drive, what next. The adrenaline suddenly plays truant, no issues to chase (there are some, to honestly share with you), no early-morning late-evening same day meetings, even my cell-phone has started feeling like a left-out.

Amid all this melancholy, I tried looking for some good-funny act and look what I found.

Some smart-alec shot this while the team was busy doing last chores. And he even made it public. Dark times, I am warning you. One thing which we must do for next year is to put something around security-n-privacy. If you like the video then do comment. I read somewhere that bloggers love every comment (even a track-back, what rubbish) and they are often seen reading and bragging about them. Bye.

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