5 Steps to create a series of posts at Ghumakkar

Often, we are in a situation where we have visited a number of places as part of some long vacation and when it comes to writing a trvelogue at Ghumakkar, we do not want to write all of it in one single story. In fact the vacation may not be long and you may want to break your short vacation story in few parts. Breaking not only helps you to better focus on each location/place in the right detail but it also helps the reader since not everyone would want to do the same vacation with the same itinerary.

In all these cases, wont it be nice if a reader who reaches any of your stories through a ‘Google Search’ or while browsing the site, is presented with a small ‘Table of Content’ with links of the all the stories of that particular vacation.

Well, you can do this at Ghumakkar and here’s a small tutorial to achieve this. At the end of this post, I would also give you some links where this is being used at Ghumakkar.

5 Steps to create a series of posts at Ghumakkar

1. Write first post and Save it. Once saved, Edit the post and go to the bottom of the page. You would find two boxes like this

In the left box, choose “New Series” , click ‘Start’ and input a name. Click Save at the top right to save this.

What you have just done is that you have created a new Series and attached your first story with the series. Lets say that you create a new series called “Delhi – Sangla – Kaza – Manali – Delhi”

2. Now go ahead and publish the post.

3. Assuming that you would want to write another post for the same series, write another post/story and after saving again go to bottom.

This time, instead of choosing ‘New Series’, pick the name which you have created last time. See the snapshot below. And select ‘End’.

4. Now suppose you want to add another story, simple repeat the 2nd step. What the software does in the background is that it would make the current ‘End’ as ‘2nd Last’ and the latest one as ‘Last’. It all works on the dates so the latest becomes the newest. ‘Start’ is the oldest in the series but in ‘Table of Content’ it appears first.

5. Nothing and enjoy your series of posts and send the link to your best friends. This is what a reader of your story would see if he finds any of your stories.

hope this is useful.If you have any questions please write a small comment below and I would promptly get back to you.

Till then, happy Ghumakkari and happy writing !!

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