Ghumakkar – Time your travel-posts right !!

Has it ever happened to you that right after you published your story, a new one slided in , almost in no time. The temptation of seeing your work in print is hard to resist. Ghumakkar displays stories on its home page based on time of publishing, so a recent story would be featured on top, though we have enough feedback to suggest that we should let Ghumakkar editors control the top of the shelf space. While internally we debate more on this, here’s a small step-by-step which might work, if all of us try to follow this.

Essentially, what you can do is that you can ‘schedule’ your posts to a future date. A small calendar would help you to quickly scan for ‘free dates’ (it sounds like an oxymoron, free dates) and if you (and everyone else) pick a date which is not already taken, then your story would get top-of-the-shelf for probably one full day.

1. After you are done with writing, take a look at the calendar. This is on your right.

2. This calendar shows you the dates in green, these are the days on which a post  is already scheduled. Do not pick them. Once you find a date, then instead of clicking ‘publish’ button, click ‘Edit’ adjacent to ‘Publish Immediately’. Choose a future day and time. In the below example, I chose June 02, 2010 at 0600 hrs.

3. As you press OK, you would notice that [Publish] button has changed to [Schedule]. Click it.

The calendar is just an added convenience, the feature to schedule your stories was there all the time. The Calendar helps you quickly scan the ‘free dates’. One other way to look at currently scheduled stories is to click at ‘Scheduled’ after you are in ‘Posts’ views/

A post could be one of the following viz Published, Scheduled, Drafts, Trash.

Click on image above to see it in big size

You should be able to look at currently scheduled posts by clicking on ‘Scheduled’.

Typically Ghumakkar doesn’t get more than one post every day, so if we all choose a free day, we get more time at the top of the page. And if you do not find anything scheduled for today and the last story is been there for at least a day, go for instant Nirvana and click [Publish]

7 Replies to “Ghumakkar – Time your travel-posts right !!”

  1. Calendar is not being displayed as of now because of some tech glitz. This should not stop us from ‘Scheduling’ our stories but it definitely inconvenient.

    I am looking into this to restore Calendar.

  2. Our Editor reminded me that we should update this with the recent changes.

    First of all, big thanks to all Authors for adhering (ok, mostly) to this. It is indeed much better than 6 months back.

    Now Ghumakkar is publishing a maximum of two posts every day and to ensure that every post gets enough time on top of the shelf, we now publish (or rather schedule) posts at

    – 0400 hrs
    – 1600 hrs

    If there is only one post, then it goes live at 0400 hrs.

    Ghumakkars alway rise early.

    We dont think that we would be having more than 2 stories any time soon.

    I am hoping that I am proven wrong sooner.

  3. Hi Nandan,
    As I was going through the Bootmap process, I landed to this page this morning. I feel there is still something missing or may be I am still not able to notice that.
    I can only see Status : Draft & Visibility : Public and there is no Edit button, as well as Publish Immediately (Calender for scheduling). Can you check & let me know where I am going wrong.

    I am almost through, though still not able to insert picture as there was some error while uploading this morning – hope this will be resolved when I will try next.

    With Warm Regards,

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