Pataudi Palace – A Short visit , A photo essay

My wife had to do a recci for a press conference so I tugged along. It was to be ‘Pataudi Palace’. Let me give you some more information about the palace before we actually go there.

Nawab of Pataudi, Iftikhar Ali Khan got it built around 1935 and it is designed by Austrian architect Karl Molt Von Heinz. It has a very imperial kind of look, all white, tall walls (very unlike fort-ish). Home to Mansur Ali Khan Patuadi (more popularly known as Tiger), Sharmila Tagore and later Saif and Soha. Now its a hotel run by Neemrana Group and you can have this place for yourself without burning your pockets. Here’s the link of the Neermana.

Not too far from Delhi, about 60 KMs from Connaught Place, Delhi. The directions are simple, just hop on to NH8 (Delhi – Jaipur road), drive till ‘Bilaspur’. Just before Bilaspur, you would notice a lot of constructions going on, my guess is that KMP (Kundli Manesar Plawal) is cutting NH8 on its way to NH 2. Right at Bilaspur, take a right turn and drive down for about 9 Kilometers.

Here’s Google Map.

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The palace is about a furlong away from the road and the exit is not very conspicuous so pay attention.

After you take that left, drive down and you would find yourself facing a small gate. The driveway is cordoned by thick tall bushes and it takes a while to actually get a glimpse of the main structure.

You pass a Mosque and post that it appears in all its glory.

Its a tall white building, two floors. The structure is not very mammoth and probably because of large big lawns, the stance is not intimidating. The front lawns boost of beds of flowers, well maintained greenery, earthy landscaping topped by Pihus and Kuhus of Peacocks and Cuckoos.

We were there for about 2 hours and it was a welcome change to hear birds all through.

There are rooms on both levels with small halls which can be utilize for holding mini-conferences or cosy meets. On the right side of building, lies a pool amid the shades of trees flanked by enough green on all sides. I would think that if weather is on your side, it would be a marvelous setting to brood or have some water fun.

The decor is low on detail and high on nostalgia including a heavy dose of Raj Era. Walls are adored by family and cricket pics, some of them appear to be a collector’s item.

We were hoping to have lunch there but since we have not informed them, kitchen was not ready. I was sort of surprised on not being even offered an alternative (a sandwich or even a more mundane aaloo-gobhi ka pakoda plate) but we were not very keen.

All in all, it looked like a great quick getaway from Delhi provided you have some company, and just chill away your time.

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