Ghumakkar – Understanding the ‘Categories’ structure

When you write a new story at Ghumakkar, it greatly helps to associate all the right and relevant categories. The question is that how does one figure out the right-and-relevant ones. More so, when you are a new author and still finding your way around on how to upload pics, how to add more tag and so on.

Here’s an attempt to explain the category structure which we use at Ghumakkar and we are hoping that this might make your job a little easier.

Categories at Ghumakkar follow a hierarchy, so there are top-level categories, then there are sub-categories and then there are sub-sub-categories. For example, there is a category called “StatesOfIndia”, which has a subcategory called “Rajasthan” and then at a lower level we have “Ajmer” or “Jaipur” or something else.

StatesOfIndia -> Rajasthan -> Ajmer

So, as a first step, lets see what are the top level categories. These are

– International
– StatesOfIndia
– Theme
– Hotel

At a 2nd level the sub-categories are
– International -> Asia
– International -> Europe
– International -> North Americas
– International -> South America
– International -> Africa
– International -> Australia

If you go down one level down, you would find
– International -> Europe -> Italy
– International -> Europe -> United Kingdom
– International -> Europe -> Holland
– International -> Europe -> Germany

and so on.

Same is the structure within ‘StatesOfIndia’. You would have observed that for India, we are at a much granular level. For example
StatesOfIndia -> Karnataka -> Bengaluru

Whereas for International, we are only at country level. Thats because we get a lot of domestic stories. It might change in future but as of now, for International , granularity till ‘Country’ level is sufficing.

So that covers from the angle of ‘Where is the destination’.

Now lets look at ‘Theme’. We have following Themes

1. Theme -> Beach
2. Theme -> Cities
3. Theme -> Jungle
4. Theme -> Religious
5. Theme -> Roads
6. Theme -> Weekend (Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad etc)
7. Theme -> Hills

Theme is for classifying a destination ir-respective of location. Also, one destination can fit multiple themes. For example, ‘Badrinath’ would be ‘Religious’ as well as ‘Hills’.

That leaves the last top level category i.e. ‘Hotel’ and interestingly it doesn’t have any sub-categories, so associate this with posts which talk about specific ‘Hotels’, or posts which are more like ‘Hotel Reviews’.

Let me know if you would want to see more categories or have a query around, what to put where. Hope this is useful.

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