Traveller’s Guide To Beer: Where to drink the cheapest beer

I am a traveler and I love my pint of local Beer. Well, if you do or if you at least want to know more it then this post is for you. The genesis of this post is an email which I got from a web-acquaintance where he shared a rich Infographic on traveller and beer. The source is Thank you David.

So I thought that I would share it with you all so here it goes.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.51.19 pm

Where to get the cheapest beers ?

And the winners are mostly in Asia. Ukraine, Vietnam, Combodia and China.
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India e-Commerce News – 6 Key highlights from two Industry surveys

So Indian E-commerce continues to explode. You would have noticed the news around Flipkart and Myntra wedding (ok, consolidation). The Private Equity (PE) market did see this as a way to show some progress on individual balance sheets since both Tiger and Accel hold significant stake in both companies. But all said, Flipkart continues to do a brisk business, and hopefully some day all the key investors would make a lot of money.

I recently read two surveys and thought that I would present a bulleted list of key highlights and also some cool info graphics.

1. First one is from and Kalaari Capital. YourStory is a news/content side around entrepreneurial stuff, led by Shradha Sharma. ‘Kalaari Capital‘ is a VC firm (160 MN, Bangalore).

2. Second source is from the 2nd edition of Cashkaro Online Shopping Trends.

Time for key highlights.

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Launching – A quick review

Recently I got an invite to try and review and so I did. Here is a short review and my recommendations.  If you are looking for a much deeper, longer, detailed review of something then I am up for it. Just putting a plug for more work.

Before we begin the walk-through, lets pause for a moment and take a look around the new modes of communication which are gaining ground. Mostly termed as ’Social Media’, these are the places where small communities, set of friends or even as individuals hang-out and share opinions, thoughts. They read and reflect, get influenced and then influence others, build opinions and in extreme cases, define and drive large movements. Whether it is the all encompassing Facebook and Twitter or lesser known Quora, these are all around us. As a social animal, these websites or cloud hosted software programs provide us an platform to exchange ideas, to test ideas, to converse and meet our inherent need to socialise. Before I moved my blog to, I had a blog at blogspot which I started in 2005 and though its been about 10 years, the yearning for a comment (or a Like in FB parlance) is same as what was there many years back. This latent, inner need is so ingrained in us that we keep looking for newer, better means to fulfil this. seems like another step  in that direction.

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Why AAP is contesting across India in ‘General Elections – 2014’ ?

Why AAP is contesting for 2014 Lok Sabha elections ? Why did they not run Delhi, did a good job and then reach elsewhere? Did AAP get too ambitious down the way? Does this mean that they really do not want to govern since there is no possibility of them winning seats in double digits, forget getting close to 50 or more. Are they fighting to spoil the game of a particular party ?

Too often these question have been asked. As an Aam Aadmi movement enthusiast, I share my perspective. AAP’s spokespersons Arvind Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav have often clarified on why fighting nationally is important. In keeping with the healthy culture of questioning and debate, it is not something which AAP can ignore.

So here is my attempt at taking a stab at it. This is no official version and is rumbling of someone who has developed interest in politics, post AAP.

Banaras - Where it all ends finally
Banaras – Where it all ends finally

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Introducing “FoodPanda” – Aggregating Home Delivery of ‘Food’

Take-aways, as they are often called, are not a new thing. Especially in bigger cities with longer work hours and even longer commute times, it can be hard to cook every day. The charm of getting home-cooked food is not lost but it is socially acceptable to order-food from outside and you no longer hide the fact. If there is a party at home then the food-ordering process is more social and involving, with personal-favorites and past-expeiences coming handy in deciding what to order and from where.

Few years back, take-aways were mostly limited to calling up the restaurants directly and then hoping that you would get hot and timely food. Often it worked because the deliveries were happening locally and the businesses had a strong motivation to deliver a high quality experience. For a lot of restaurants, home-delivery were there major contributor towards overall business. There were many a eateries who didn’t have any in-premise seating and did only home-delivery.

To drive this point further, lets look at some of the numbers of ‘Jubilant Foodworks Ltd’, the company which takes care of ‘Domino’s Brand’ in India. Dominos is mostly into Pizza-deliveris with a promise of money-back if you do not get the pizza of your liking in 30 or less minutes. They have some dine-in restaurants but I guess that proportion is very little in comparison to their delivery business. As per Business Standard, ………..This company shipped about 3.7 crore pizzas in the year, equalling to 1 lakh pizzas sold per day. The pizzas sold for a total of Rs 600 crore, translating into an average price of Rs 162 per pizza. The business operated via 380 stores in 90 cities; that is, approximately four stores per city. Each store sold approximately 1 lakh pizzas a year or about 300 pizzas a day. That’s about 25 pizzas an hour. The company recorded a net profit of Rs 90 crore. This equals to Rs 25 per pizza or a 15 per cent margin on the sale price………

So home delivery of food is beginning to get big and just like airlines where folks like MMT (MakeMyTrip), Expedia and many more are trying to provide better value at cheaper prices, it was time to have aggregators in the ‘food delivery’ business as well. And there comes and their counterpart is at I have used this few times over last year or so and here is the way it works.

The simple four step process. Go to (and then to their India site at
1. Tell them your location.
2. Choose a restaurant of your choice and order food.
3. The restaurant delivers.
4. Pay when the food arrives.


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