Am I old enough to leave active testing ?

Am I old enough to leave active testing ?
After spending last 10 odd years, testing software for a living, I asked this question to myself:
“Am I old enough to leave active testing ? ” and after a brief moment of indecisive Mr. schizophrenic thought, I told myself that the answer is an emphatic No.

Top 5 reasons to not leave testing
No 1. Testing is still an exciting work more so when you have to go for the details. The much needed involvement is killing and monotonous and gets frustratingly slow and sorts of puts you to the end of your life, only to you a real high in the end, abrubt at time so as to have a grand finale. In this world, one thing you better need all the time is the feeling of being existent. Once you come out from the deep search say isolating a defect, you sort of come out as a victor. The achievement is simply too high to propell you to more such journeys.

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Photos of Pihu and her travel scene

I am yet to figure out a way to post my photos. For the record I work for a consumer level photo management and sharing software product called ‘Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition’ and am still a dud on how to configure google picasa “Hello” to upload the photos to Google site and then put one such link here so that you can see the snaps of my little princess. Holy Cow !! and I guess before the people who give me hefty pay-check on every 30st/31th find this out I better find that out.

Pihu would turn 5 months on Nov 10 and by this time she has already travelled four times, out of station trips.

Travel 1: Went to a farm house post Doon, 250 odd km drive, ok roads, really bad accomodation.
When: 14-15 Aug 2005. Mode: Scorpio (indian SUV)

the farm house was really huge, when we saw the main gate we were sure that it can’t be the one we are heading to. a big gate which opens to a long driveway, with flower beds and tress and what no. But the acco was real depressing. She managed pretty well.

Travel2: Subathu. A small sleepy town near Dharampur, Kalka, Himachal. Its a gorkha regiment training centre, army cantonement. nice and clean. 300 odd km
When: 19-21 Aug, 2005. Mode: Scorpio (now you know what this is)

it was a family outing. acco was beyond comparision. been there before so knew. a bunglow which overlooks the hills and valley(ies). simple amazing. yet to figure out how to post photos 🙂 and work for a digital imaging consumer product. i know who can find out what and what i need to do.

Travel3: Amritsar. Golden Temple. Indo-Pak border town. 500+ km (long drive)
When: 15-16 Oct 2005. i might be wrong. Mode: Scorp

Primarily a golden temple visit. realized that 2 days are too short when you are on wheels for 18-20 hrs. Thats right. I drove in excess of 1000 Kms during that weekend. Missed Wagah, reached late. Missed Jalianwalan, some rally, running short on time. Golden Temple is simply breathless. Must go. Would visit again.

Trave4: Udaipur. Venice of India. 700 odd Km
When: 28 oct night – 2nd nov morning 2005 . Mode: Train (Mewar express, i think)

Wonderul lesire trip. small city. would try to write one on this trip separately.

ooofff…. less then 5 months and already 4 trips old. good going Pihu. I know apart from her the major effort credit goes to my beautiful wife – dhall -. She simply makes it so simple in the end that you dont realize that you are with a young baby. If you are a mother of a young baby then you will realize what it means to be like her. 😉

now next where. hmmmm

Pihu Arrives !!

I wrote this on 21 June————————–
Its been a little over 10 days now. If you think blogs are really instant then I guess I am really really slow.

I write this today i.e. 2 Nov
I guess I know whats the future is going to be. I was very true when i wrote above about 4.5 months back. I logged in again today to tell myself that I better write something on whats been happening around. So I am posting this particular one and would write a new one. Incase you dont know whats over 10 days on 21st June, its the arrival of my daughter, Pihu, on mother planet as an independent human being. For last 9 months (prior to 10 June) she was in the womb :), and you tell me that my sense of humor is no more cutting. its bleeding instead.

Getting Ready – For the big day !!

Ever wondered how does one feel when one is going to get a new member in the family. Imagine getting a new live creature with you all the time, all the while, someone who will show you what growing old means, right from day 0. Someone who will teach you what it takes to hand-hold someone to walk. Someone who will let you know that how hard your parents worked to make you good enough to blog. 🙂

The due date is coming closer, a little over a week, i.e. 6/10. Theortically it can happen any day, just about any day. My last visit to doc was normal. The next visit would be this saturday (6/4). Well, well and well.

This is blog no 2 and I promised to be regular but believe me there was not enough motivation and no reminder-system 🙂 which could send an e-mail which I can flag as a ‘Follow-Up task’ so that I can finish it. My work life is now revolved around flagging mails in Microsoft Outlook so that they can be tracked. Amit Singh taught me this. I thank him but believe me, its a pain working on Outlook the whole day and then sometimes in evenings and some more times in the weekend. Guess I should either get a different PC for working on e-mails which can be kept in some other mails, not in office, so as to not get distracted. I will try to shutdown my e-mail program every 1 hour for 30 minutes. May be I can write a program which automatically does this and may be a reminder in Outlook itself.

What else, waiting for Avinash, Preeti, Ravi and the little kid, have invited them for dinner, Want to know the real reason, well, My mom been around for Smita (going to be mom) and she somehow has always thought that baby will come out by 5/25 🙂 and hence she is getting a little impatient. And Avinash happens to be an old friend with whom mom would be more comfortable, at least she will get an avenue to express things different from the going-to-be-mom talks. 🙂

Well, he is here so better to get it go !! Catch you all later.

Jhaji ka Jham

After my attempts at making blog successful in companies like Newgen and Legato, I realized that its the ones like google who understand it better. It must have been the same time when blog was getting popular and some of us were trying to figure out how to make an internal mail system work at Newgen. 🙂 . Poor souls !!

This is my first blog at blogger and i really dont know that once i save this how its gonna be accessed by my folks so i am not gonna write much.

can’t stop

its been a dusty week so far with sand storms, squalls, rains, dust smudged car wind screens and broken window glass panes. its a time when you stop liking summer any more, and its also a time when you start hating yourself. its like trying to evaulate your worth and then realizing that its not worth it, not you but the act of evaluation. its a different matter that your manager would do this and based on what he thinks, will award you few more bills.

I am feeling pretty worthless especially when one of my office colleagues did a presentation on photography and after seeing the equipments he has and what he has captured, i have started feelling like what-the-hell-i-have-done-so-far which i can brag and may be blog.

with amitabh singing in the background on the radio which rahul tewari got for me :Meray paas aao meray doston…: I guess, i should close. hopefully i will be regular and would get some readers. 🙂

write back, if you know me !!!