Eden Kitchen Bar, Sector 61, Noida, India

Shoprix Mall in sector-61, Noida (India) is now have two Bars. The other one is “Strings” (though they dont play any live music) and click here to read a review of that. Eden was the first one to operate and I have been there not many times.

So, here’s a review. The interior is black-n-blue-n-dark and I dont like it since its not that classy-spanky-rich dark but its more of a side-town poor dark. The problem with that kind of ambiance is that it can get a little depressing if the music is not right or if the mood is not up and peppy. The air ventilation system is poor so all the smoke adds to agony. If you are allergic to cigarette smoke then it can get really bad. The seating is on chairs so no sofa-lounges but chairs are comfortable. Loos are ok, just like at most of places. So that was about overall look and feel. If you are a small family with kids then I would suggest that you look for another place but if you are group of punters wanting to have a good time then you might like it.

Now comes the Bar part. Bar was very well stocked. Even though it may sound weird but its not easy to find a JD or V69 in small bars like these in Noida. Funny. But thats what the overall situation is. They have a good range of cock-tails. On my last visit I had LIT and a Blue Lagoon hybrid and I liked them well. While the bar is very well stocked, the prices are a bit expensive. LIT was for Rs 295 and most of the Tequila based drinks were for Rs 295. A small RC was for Rs 145. Considering that its not really a upmarket bar, probably the prices for IMFL and Indian Liquor should be under Rs 100 for a small peg (25 ml). Similarly a bottle of Beer at Rs 175 starts to hurt. During Happy Hours , its one-for-one and thats good. Happy Hours are not for cocktails and mocktails.

Food was pretty nice. They serve Indian Mughlai and preparation is nice. Food is not very expensive. I was very happy, rather impressed, with the overall service. Since its not a very large bar (can seat 40-50 people), it was not difficult to get hold of a steward or a waiter. They were polite (no polish though) and responsive.

Its not a quite place so music is loud. I dont think they play a particular kind of music but when I was there it was Bryan Adams and we didn’t mind.

Overall, I would rate this at 4/5 for a young crowd. Wont recommend for families with Kids. If you do make it and visit it then share your experience. You can book a place by speaking to Mr. Khan at 0120 3216070 or alternatively at 0120 4259747.

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