Shoprix Mall Bowling Alley, Sec 61, Noida – Review

Noida has only two Bowling alleys. Yeah, read it again. Even though Noida has seen tremendous growth in terms of Malls and ‘BPO Call Centres’, there are just two bowling alleys. Out of this two, one of them just opened a few months back at ‘The Great India Place, Opposite Sector – 18’ and the other one which is been there for some time is at ‘Shoprix Mall’, Sector – 61 and is called ‘City Bowl’.

There are four lanes and if you go on a week days there is a fair chance that you would find a lane for yourself. The charges are Rs 100 for a game in week days and Rs 125 in weekends and that includes Fridays. If you are 12 or more then you get a 10% discount or a free game.

The quality of the lanes is decent and the infrastructure is also ok. It is not very uncommon to ask for help (pins not being picked by the picker, the system just get stuck , whatever) once for one game. But thats fine.

Apart from Bowling, they also have two pool table, an ice hockey table, couple of video games and snacks to munch. Its not very big but usually its not crowded as well. So all in all, a decent neighborhood joint to enjoy a game or two.

Here’s contact info. and contact no is 0120 – 4334477

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