Swarna Jayanti Park – Indirapuram, NCR – A Photo Essay

The new satellite townships of Delhi are not known for planning real large/huge city-parks. Most of the energy is gone towards planning the residential apartments, commercial complexes and then whatever little space is left, small parks get thrown in. There is one right in front of my house but its not really a city park, something which is usually very big and have different areas for walking, playing, recreation etc. So when we came to know about Swarna Jayanti Park, we decided to make a visit.

Location – Here’s google map. Its interactive and you can open it in a new window and search a way from your home/office.

View Swarna Jayanti Park in a larger map

The one called ‘GDA Park’ in the map is the one I mentioned above as something which is right next to my house.

So coming back to SJP (Swarna Jayanti Park), on one of my recent visits I decided to lug a camera and take some pics and share it with you. The post doesn’t have too much of text in the hope that photos are worth 000s words.

There is enough car parking space on both sides on a normal day and there is an entry fee of Rs 5 per person. As you enter, you find yourself on a central artery, with two large gates at both ends.

After a brief walk, you would find your self in the center of the park.

Central Atrium

The park has a rich installation of statues. Mostly freedom fighters and if you have kids who are on a reading age, its a good idea to get them introduced to these.

Rani Laxmi Bai Statue

As you go further, there is a small boating area. Its small enough to warrant a strong crowd any time of day. I didn’t find this exciting.

As you cross over the bridge over water, you find yourself in a section which is dedicated to all the young guns. Its a sight watching 100s of children, totally busy in their own world of swings and rides.

I caught this young boy trying to make a day.

There is a musical fountain which I have not seen operational.

And if you get tired doing all the walking, there is a small haat/marketplace as well.

And as I was walking back, I could not resist shooting this one. Does it make you remember Venice ?

If the weather is nice, its a good place to unwind and spend some time outside the confines of office-ac/car-ac/home-ac 🙂 If you do visit, either as a result of reading this or otherwise, I would love to hear from you on what you experienced.

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  1. hi mr. nandan, NICE reading,
    how r u ?
    hope doing well , i think u r a very creative person,
    i wan to knoe r u living in indrapuram,
    if yes, where ,

  2. Dear Nandan,
    Its nice to read about our real development stories, there are still many important issues the GDA has to attend at our becoming best Colony in NCR.
    Thanks for info

  3. @ Utsav – She is ‘Durga Bhabhi’. She was a freedom fighter and played an active role , was part of ‘Hindustan Socialist Army’. She was wife of ‘Bhagwati Charan’ (freedom fighter).

    Last I know, she was at Meerut during early nineties.

    Hope this is useful. Wishes.

  4. V nice pics. How is indrapuram place to stay? Which appartments r good? We want to move from delhi.
    Thanks n regards

  5. Mrs. Sharma – Thanks. We have been staying here for last 8+ years and like it tremendously. It looks and feels more like a small city with everything in a walkable distance.

    The newer apartments like ATS and Orange County are better than the older ones.


  6. Nice post. I live in Indirapuram and have been enjoying this park from quite some time. Good to find a post on this.

  7. I have been trying to plant here for a while.

    Have planted more than 10 neems plants last few days; hope they survive.

    Everyone help me to add more trees and plants to the park.



  8. I was searching for things to do during my vacation and this article came up. Good first hand info. Planning to go there for picnic with kids during Christmas time.

    1. I do not know Nimit. But

      I would imagine that if you are shooting without a lot of equipments, then it should be OK.

      I do expect a lot of onlookers, which you would have to manage. All the best.

  9. nandanjha जी मैंने आज इंटरनेट पर स्वर्ण जयंती पार्क इंदिरापुरम के कुछ फोटो आपकी वेबसाइट पर देखे , आपको जानकर दुःख होगा की इस पार्क में जो भी बच्चों के कसरत करने के लिए स्लाइडर और chin up , pull up baar लगाए गए थे , उन सब को gda ने उखाड़कर बेच दिया है , मैंने इन सम्बन्ध में gda में शिकायत की है , मुझे इनमे से कुछ फोटो चाहिए जिसमे की बच्चे खेल रहे हैं , आप कृपया ये फोटो मुझे मेल कर दीजिये , आपकी मेहरबानी होगी

    1. Sharma Sir,
      All of the photographs can be easily downloaded from this page. Please click on any photo and it would open in a new window and then right-click and Save.

      Sad to hear that.

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