Traveller’s Guide To Beer: Where to drink the cheapest beer

I am a traveler and I love my pint of local Beer. Well, if you do or if you at least want to know more it then this post is for you. The genesis of this post is an email which I got from a web-acquaintance where he shared a rich Infographic on traveller and beer. The source is Thank you David.

So I thought that I would share it with you all so here it goes.

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Where to get the cheapest beers ?

And the winners are mostly in Asia. Ukraine, Vietnam, Combodia and China.

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And where is it most expensive ?

Probably because alcohol per-se is not a highly consumed item in these countries hence you see places like Iran, Kuwait, UAE but surprising to find Singapore here. And I always thought that shops at Changi sell the famous ‘Tiger’ beer at a premium.

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Where to find a drinking buddy ?

Where else, in Europe.

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Now who spends least on Beer, per person per year ? >

Ukraine tops the list because it is cheapest there. But Romania ? , really. May be everyone there only drinks Vodka. I was told by a friend that Vodka is sold at homes, in jerrycans.

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And who spends most ?

No prizes in guessing. Australia and Foster’s may be a minor portion of it.

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And now, a talk about brands and your personal score

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1. Snow Beer in China. I have visited China thrice and I do not recall having this beer. Damn.
2. Tsingtao in China. Love it. Great beer
3. Bud , everywhere. For some reason, I am not a fan of Bud, at least in India. It kinds of tastes flowery.
4. Yanjing in China. Great beer but I prefer Tsingtao over this.
5. Bud light, everywhere. Really ?, you need a light or diet version. But good beer for sure.
6. Corona Extra, everywhere. It is a very good beer but I am not a fan of the one which is available locally (it is not made locally, all imported). But having said that, I was at one of the parties at ‘US Embassy in New Delhi’ and ‘Mexico’ was sponsoring the food and they were serving Corona and Teqillas. I simply gorged on Corona, it tasted much more different.
7. Skol in Africa and South America. Nope, no idea.
8. Heinken, everywhere. But I had it right in Amsterdam. Great beer.
9. Coors Light in US. Do not remember but if it sold so much then may be I had it.
10. Brahma, Brazil. The name sounds familiar but no other memories. One more reason to visit Brazil.

Interestingly Asahi of Japan, San miguel, Kingfisher do not make the list. So my score is 7/10. Still many more miles to go.

Hope you liked this story.

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